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CCTV DRAIN SURVEYS LTD were Established in 2012 after being employed in the industry for 10 years.

We are a small dedicated company that produce high quality drainage reports to current water authority standard.

the report is accepted by water authorities and insurance companies throughout the UK.

we offer great rates for residential build over surveys & homebuyer drainage reports.

our recent addition to the fleet brings in a vanpack jetting unit ideal for clearing blockages and cleaning debris from the drain and sewers affected.

where damaged pipes are located we can offer a no-dig patch repair installation service.

rather than cause further disruption by digging down to the pipe we can install a patch repair into the pipe to seal any holes or open joints. the patches also strengthen heavily damaged pipes.

we can trace the route of any plastic/ clay or concrete pipe using our electro-location equipment.

this is ideal for pinpointing the location of buried manhole covers or problem areas that require a dig repair.

fully equipped, insured and certified with over 12 years constant experience we are sure you wont be disappointed with our service.

Areas Covered:

yorkshire, linconshire, derbyshire, lancanshire, leicestershire, nottinghamshire

Services Provided:

drainage surveys, written reports, sewer jetting and no dig patch repairs

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